Pool Area

As the weather heats up, what better way to beat the summer heat than taking a refreshing dip in our beautiful pool? 

We are thrilled to announce that Grand Resort Hotel which is  Located in Mount Laurel, New Jersey is now launching a pool, which is open for everyone who is experiencing the great ambience of our hotel. Our pool water undergoes a comprehensive treatment and maintenance process to ensure it meets the highest standards of cleanliness, safety, and comfort. Our pool water is meticulously filtered to remove impurities, ensuring optimal clarity. You can enjoy the beauty of sparkling, transparent water that invites you to dive right in. We consistently monitor and maintain the pH levels of our pool water to ensure it remains within the ideal range. We employ state-of-the-art water sanitation systems to keep our pool water clean and free from harmful bacteria and contaminants. We regulate the pool water temperature to provide a comfortable and enjoyable swimming experience for all. Whether you prefer a refreshing dip on a hot day or a warm swim during cooler seasons, we strive to maintain an optimal water temperature suitable for everyone.

Our pool water undergoes rigorous testing and maintenance routines by our trained professionals. We monitor chemical levels, conduct regular water quality checks, and perform necessary adjustments to ensure the water remains in its best condition.

Whether you’re a seasoned swimmer or just love to relax by the water, our pool offers something for everyone. It promises to be a splashing good time. Come and make a splash with us!


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